Chromatic for Diatonic Players, Part 1

by Winslow Yerxa

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At age fourteen, Winslow Yerxa discovered the harmonica. Since then, he's played blues, jazz, country, fiddle tunes, classical and several other styles on the harmonica, performing on street corners, in nightclubs, recording studios, theater pits, and concert stages in settings ranging from solo performance to hundred-piece orchestras. Along the way, he's had many a curious moment about the instrument, its construction, playing techniques, playing styles, and lore. In attempting to satisfy his curiosity, he's amassed knowledge that he likes to share with others who may be on the same quest. As a teacher and seminar speaker, in books, magazine articles, instructional CDs and videos, and in Internet discussion groups, he works to spread information and understanding among all those who hunger to play, understand, and appreciate the harmonica.

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